ICC Offers Customized, Comprehensive Healthcare Plans
That Attract and Retain Employees
with Superior Service and Lower Premiums
That Don't Go Up Every Year


As Insurance Brokers, We Work For You the Business Owner 
Not the Insurance Companies

We Shop the Market to Get the Best Coverage at the Best Price!

An insurance company's employee's mandate is to work for the insurance company, because they're employees of the insurance company. The insurance company has specific products that the employees are expected to sell. We do things differently. Instead of hiring employees to work for us, we are independent brokers. That means that we're not tied to one specific product, but we can sell numerous products from numerous companies.

Are You Properly Insured?

Many People Pay Ongoing Bank Insurance Premiums Only to Discover That
They're Not Insured When Making a Claim!

With some insurers, just because you have an insurance policy, doesn't mean that you're covered. When it comes to insurance from the major Canadian banks, most people think they're properly insured, right up until it's time to make a claim, and then they find out that they're really not insured, because of some technicality when filling out the original insurance application. Instead, they give you your premiums back.

When We Insure You, You're Insured

When you insure with one of our approved insurers, you can rest assured that you're insured. Period. We check into your medical history and make sure that you are insurable before we approve you, not after you file a claim. With us, you're insured..

Life Insurance without a Medical - Even People with Pre-Existing Conditions May Get Approved!

Mortgage Insurance with the Highest Coverage and the Lowest Rates!

While Many Group Benefit Companies Charge up to 40% Admin Fees - Some of Our Solutions are as Low as 10% 

Highly Skilled


Attention to Detail